Thursday, November 4, 2010

Skinfood Premium Touch Pearl Brush & Etude Duo Fibre Brush: A Quick Review

As requested by my fellow GTalkers: shshshsh,lainey14,juicybear & snix. . Here comes my quick comparison of Skinfood Premium Touch Pearl Brush vs Etude House Duo Fibre Cheek Brush! 
Etude House Duo Fibre Cheek Brush

Etude House Duo Fibre Brush

I know there are many reviews regarding this brush which I definitely agree with. So no need to elaborate more about this brush. Here's my quick review:

(+) Plus
  • Stiffer/Denser Bristles, good for BB creams/liquid foundies (Yet I still prefer to use my fingertips hehe)
  • Catches more powder in a swipe but still leaves an even layer to the face.
  • Its short handle makes maneuvering the brush around my face more easy.
  • Love the after effect. Flawless Smooth Finish. (Haven't seen an airbrushed look though so i can't tell if it's airbrushed finish :D)
  • Price: P428.00 (I think this is the most "affordable" duo fibre brush in the market

(-) Minus
  • The too dense bristles seems to ruin my face powder at two-three swipes making it  look messy. 
  • It really smells synthetic. Too strong.I have washed this for weeks now and the smell is still there just fainted a bit.
  • The Goat's Hair (Black hair) seems to tangle/ flies off every wash.
  • It bleeds! The white bristles are a bit grayish now. Also, you can see that the bluish/gray color transfers when you wipe it off with tissue/cotton. Lay it damp for an hour and you'll see it bleeds. 
Next, The newest duo fibre brush...Skinfood's Premium Touch Pearl Brush :D
The name itself makes it more exciting! hehe.
Skinfood Premium Touch Pearl Brush

(+) Plus
  • The name. hehe. Simply because It feels elegant to own.
  • All-over appearance. I love how the handle looks it has little shimmer on it. Seems polished.
  • The bristles! It so soft,soft,soft! Unlike Etude,its synthetic and natural hair are evenly distributed.So, tangle-free. Easy to wash. Also, the color of the bristles are more vibrant and smooth.
  • Definitely no synthetic smell!
  • It does not bleed!
  • Because it has a wider bristles, it finishes the face in less time. It also don't make a mess with my BB pact because it only picks enough powder.
  • It picks less powder than Etude making it more addictive to brush,puff and swirl it all over my face! Not to mention it's so soft :D
  • Gives a same flawless, smooth finish.

(-) Minus
  • This is really a large brush. So, this might be intimidating for people who likes small/regular sized brush.
  • Its too soft. I don't want to try it on my BB Cream. I'm also afraid the BB will stain this beauty.
  • The price? P 515.00 the lowest price in multiply/ebay.
End. I can't think of anything more..  :(

The Verdict :

   I love Skinfood and I love Etude House. I think I'm still happy that I got both brushes. I'll use Etude for my BB and then use Skinfood for my finishing powder. I'm satisfied with both brushes but I'm much impressed with the Pearl Brush. So, I suggest you buy Etude, if you're more on liquid foundies. And SF for powder foundation. It really depends on your preference.


khryz said...

nice review sis ^_^
following u :D

frumpy no more said...

oh, thanks sis. followed you na :D

Rachaelah said...

followed you already! keep em posting! :)

Pammy said...

Nice review. Now I miss my Etude stippling. :)

Lainey14 said...

i want to have this too :)

Shopcoholic said...

I want to try the one from Etude! I read it works well with NARS blushes =) thanks for the review!

Musicalhouses said...

Thanks for the great review! Both brushes look great - quite tempted to check them out now!

frumpy no more said...

Haha,these are really my lemmings i cant resist from buying! too addictive! thanks for the comments!

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